green card through investment in real estate

 · Can a non-U.S. citizen get a mortgage in the U.S.? The short answer is yes. "You do not have to be a citizen of the United States to purchase real estate here," says Ines Hegedus-Garcia, a real.The EB-5 is a complicated visa and I would strongly suggest working with an immigration attorney to help you through the process. There are a number of different ways to go about things you can work more hands on with a direct investment or you can work with a Regional Center that will also assist.A property investment of $2.4 million (£1.8m) or more is the minimum requirement, but there are no shortage of wealthy foreign applicants willing to part with that kind of money to get their EU.-A real estate investment of at least $400,000 (£308,480) held for five years, or. There are three ways to get citizenship through investment in Antigua and Barbuda:. (known as a green card.After your investment in real estate, and having proven to be a law-abiding permanent resident for at least five years after the issuance of your green card, you Real estate in the U.S. is one of the most consistent ways of building wealth as there are various ways through which you can generate income.A notable characteristic of the real. investment in U.S. commercial real estate. One such source is the eb-5 investment/visa program. Created by Congress in 1990, the EB-5 program creates a fast.How the RAISE Act Would Impact Commercial Real Estate. with the intent of issuing 10,000 investors green cards in exchange for investing.Applying for a Green Card in this and other cases has naturally its fees. US authorities charge a fee for certain administrative costs- like any other authority If you have the money to spend, then it is possible to buy a Green Card through business investments, buying a house or starting a company.- green card will allow expats to own the businesses and properties, It is also expected to abolish the current Kafala or sponsorship system. Many expatriates and foreigners are going to take advantage of this by applying green card through investment in kingdom. Related : Transfer Iqama without Kafeel.

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